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Chardon, Ohio 44024


Raw Iron Choppers LLC is not your normal bike or custom fab shop. Based out of Chardon, Ohio and building bikes since 2003; owners, Jesse and Rick Srpan fully believe only in the highest of quality when it comes to their work. Raw Iron Choppers is a shop that believes in giving the customer what they want, at a reasonable price, but with a fast turn around.

The company is not limited though, to whole, complete, one of a kind custom bikes from the ground up. R.I.C. doesn't just build bikes. They also have a full weld shop, certified, and experienced. Raw Iron does everything from hand rails, frames, even auto body work, and individual custom parts as well as repair work on any ride are possible.

Jesse and Rick value consistent creativity to always keep people guessing what they will do next. So, stop in the shop and they'll get it done right!



Twenty year old Jesse Srpan has been building and modifying bikes since the age of thirteen as well as being exposed to the lifestyle all of his life. From watching his Dad work on bikes to racing motocross, Jesse has always had a passion for welding and fabricating little projects to designing some of the most respected and unique motorcycles in the nation.

aboutuspic002During most of his young life, in the summers, he was employed by his father at their family owned construction company. Jesse saved a decent amount of money by the time he was thirteen and presented the fact that he wanted to purchase a welder. So he did just that and off he went! He then decided to take an old, rusted mini-bike from the seventies out of the garage and rebuild it. From there with his rebuilt West Coast Choppers mini look a like, he continued on to create a radical uni-body mini-chopper.

Influenced by top bike builders in the industry such as; Jesse James, Billy Lane, the Martin Brothers and others, Jesse felt that he wanted expose his own ideas, style and talent in the industry also. His work has been recognized by the media and the general public for his ingenuity and radical design concepts. Jesse can be found in his shop; welding, fabricating, or even teaching someone how to weld. Jesse now designs and fabricates full size, one of a kind, custom motorcycles and parts at his shop, Raw Iron Choppers LLC: located in Chardon, Ohio. A quote he fully lives and sets his company standards by is, "It’s about being creative, different, and doing what you love."

Many people along this journey of bike building have touched our lives with advice, encouragement, and hands on help. We would like to express gratitude to everyone that has been involved and also mention some of them here...
  • The Lord above - Blessings of knowledge, patience and wisdom - Bible

  • Matt Hutter - Route 6 Choppers - (advice, parts and much misc.) - (440) 286-5787

  • Larry Medwig - Professional Painter - (body work and paint)

  • Bruce Potter and Jim Griffith - Polestar Motor Racing - (electrical techs) -

  • Cody Havel - Welder - (fabrication and welding)

  • Ryan Eubank - Lincoln Electric welding instructor/Willoughby Eastlake Tech. instructor - (instruction and welding)

  • Joe Kolasa-Lincoln Eletric welding instructor- (instruction and welding)

  • Lon Damon-Lincoln Electric-(Trade show Coordinator)

  • Dale Leonard - Professional painter - (body work)

  • Chardon Welding - (materials and pipe bending) - (440) 286-9067

  • Newbury Sandblasting - (frame and fender blasting) -

  • Worthington Custom Draperies / Cindy White - (fabric supply) - (440) 285-4009

  • Chromatic Plating-(chrome plating) -

  • Standard Plating Works - (chrome plating) - ( 216 ) 771-0428

  • Chuck Yunkes - (welding advisor)

  • Sheila Pack Photography - (photographer) - 330-220-0290

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